What to Expect to Find in an Ammunition Store Santa Fe Springs, CA


Do you know what you will find in an ammunition store in Santa Fe Springs, CA? If you guessed bullets, it is true that you will be able to find any type of bullet that you might need at an ammunition store. But there are a variety of other products that you will be able to purchase in an ammunition store.

Police Equipment

If you are in need of duty wear for your job as a police officer, an ammunition store in Santa Fe Springs, CA, will have the gear that you need. Most stores carry items that you will need both to defend yourself as a police officer and to provider important public service. Examples of duty wear include holsters, belts, handcuffs and batons.

First Aid Devices

If you are worried about your personal safety, but do not necessarily wish to buy a gun, ammunition stores can still help you. They typically offer several varieties of mace or pepper spray to deter both people and animals. They also offer tasers if you are in need of even greater protection.

Hunting Equipment

If you are a hunter, an ammunition store can be your best friend. They offer everything you need to have a successful hunt, including first aid kits, heavy jackets, boots, fishing gear and backpacks. Ammunition stores also offer quality optics, including scopes and binoculars.

S Browne Supply LLC is an ammunition store in Santa Fe Springs, CA, and can be contacted at Sbrownesupply.com.