Is Your Company Cafeteria Back of House Available for Inspection?

Food & Beverages

The front of house presentation by any contract food service provider must always be excellent if your customers are to have trust in your skills and to regularly enjoy the food and beverages from the venue. Are you prepared to allow your customers to inspect behind-the-scenes?

Hygiene Standards Must Be Perfect Throughout

Your contract food service provider must not shut off the front of the house from the back of house facilities and possibly employ two distinct sets of standards. One can be seen and the other cannot.

The front of house combines all the areas and actions that the customer may see or experience during their stay in the corporate cafeteria.

Where the contract food service provider only offers consistency in the front of house area, there will eventually become a breakdown in presentation and consistency.

The back of house provides the collection of areas that will stay behind-the-scenes. In the normal course of activities, the customers will not see these areas.

There can be a combination of front and back of house where open cooking areas in the back of house can be seen by customers from the location at the front of house. This encourages the corporate caterers to consider their visibility and all times.

Apart from inspections by individuals with authority to check the quality of food preparation, would you encourage employees of the company to be able to visit the back of house area? There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to these thoughts.

By having nothing to hide your customers will understand more about the quality of the hygiene and preparation in the back of house area.

Conversely, you may question why customers would need to see an area of the business which is usually kept away and private. You wouldn’t expect to visit a vehicle manufacturer and inspect an auto being constructed.

Do you wish to encourage high standards by open visits?