Best Drinks to Pair With Your Donuts For A Great Chicago Morning

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A donut, on its own, is pretty hard to beat. One way you can make your donut experience more enjoyable, though, is to wash it down with a delicious drink. While water might be a go-to choice for some people, there are a lot of other drinks that will enhance the flavor of your donuts after you’ve purchased them from one of the many great donut shops in Chicago.


The cool and refreshing taste of milk goes well with more than cereal for your morning meal. Due to its thicker consistency, milk does an excellent job of washing down the sugar from the donuts, leaving you with a satisfying fullness that can help kickstart your day. If you want to go all-out on the sweets, you can pair your donuts with chocolate, strawberry, or another type of flavored milk to really excite your taste buds.

Apple Cider

If you visit donut shops in Chicago during the fall, you can enjoy some of the tastes of the season with an apple fritter or similarly flavored treat. To truly get in the fall spirit, you can pair these delights with some apple cider, at least as long as you’re also wearing a thick, comfortable scarf at the same time. Of course, whether you choose hot apple cider or cold depends entirely on your tastes and your desire to stay warm on your way to work.

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