The Challenges Of Generator Rotor Removal


Working with any type of industrial and commercial generator system is always a challenge. The design, weight, and the physical dimensions of the generator rotor make it difficult to manage. It may require multiple people as well as a range of different options to coordinate the generator rotor removal and the replacement of a new or repaired rotor.

Additionally, as with any type of plant generator work, there is always the risk of adding to the damage of the system if the rotor is not correctly removed and replaced. The time, equipment, and coordination required for this type of operation can be dramatically reduced by choosing an established precision rotating equipment service with a proven system.

Effective System of Removal and Installation

In choosing a company that specializes in generator rotor removal, the amount of downtime for the plant is limited. The most efficient of these systems used hydraulic actuation, allowing for precision control of the equipment and the platform for ideal placement for the removal process.

Through the use of a push pull system that moves the rotor out of position and places into movable trolleys on the platform is highly efficient. The rotor is then slid out of position in the generator where it can be repaired, serviced, and inspected. The same process can be used in reverse to position the rotor in place and complete the installation.

Easy Setup and Breakdown

Without the need for heavy cranes and lifting harnesses, the most important factor in this type of generator rotor removal system is the speed of setup and breakdown of the platform.

The well-designed systems can be set up in a day, and the break down can likewise be completed quickly, limiting downtime and inconvenience within the plant. Easy to move and store, these systems are safer and more efficient than traditional rotor removal with cranes.