5 Reasons Not to Use Corrosive Chemicals to Clean Your Drains


Though a chemical drain cleaner may seem like an efficient way to unclog a drain, in most cases it does more harm than good. Plumbers rarely use these cleaners when providing drain cleaning services in Arlington, VA, and they don’t recommend them because of the damage they may cause. Here are some reasons to skip the chemical cleaners and call a pro for help.

Chemicals Can Damage Your Septic System

Your home’s septic system uses beneficial bacteria to decompose waste. Chemical cleaners eliminate these bacteria, disrupting the digestive process and possibly leading to system failure.

They Can Harm Your Pipes

Chemical cleaners generate heat to remove clogs. Over time, the heat may soften or corrode PVC or metal pipes. These products are much less convenient when you consider the hassle and expense of replacing piping after misuse.

They Don’t Always Work

Where the most stubborn clogs are concerned, chemical cleaners aren’t always effective. If they fail to work, you’d have to remove all the cleaning material from the pipes yourself. If left in place, it could increase the chances of pipe and septic tank problems.

There’s a Potential for Severe Burns

When drain cleaners are misused, they may cause serious chemical burns. Hair and skin are organic materials, and it only takes a little spill to create a disaster. Avoid the risk and stay safe with drain cleaning services in Arlington, VA.

The Fumes Are Dangerous

Chemical drain cleaners should be used only in properly ventilated areas. The fumes are poisonous and can burn your mucous membranes. With the addition of water, some cleaners create toxic fumes that are particularly dangerous to children and pets.

There are more effective ways to clear clogged rains than using toxic, harmful, and corrosive chemicals. Visit www.MagnoliaPlumbing.com or call Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to schedule plumbing maintenance or emergency service.