Custom Metal Stamping From Start To Finish


When it comes to creativity, fabrication shops have to be able to understand the needs of their customers. They also have to comprehend the specifications necessary to meet the demands of the application. Fabrication shops who want to establish and/or maintain an edge over the competition have to be able to provide such services as custom metal stamping. It allows them to address the request for unique, unusual items that fall outside the realm of standardization.

The Custom Metal Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process for custom metal stamping products starts with a consultation between a fabrication company and the manufacturer. During this initial process, the fabricator:

• Learns what is required/requested including size, materials, concerns • Assesses the options

• Evaluates the component

• Communicates with the customer re: costs, ways to reduce it

• Returns the initial design

• Makes any changes

• Finalizes a quote

Upon complete agreement on the project, the custom metal stamping process for the component begins.


To achieve the goal of a quality metal stamping, companies rely on a variety of tools. Companies utilize the latest high technological solutions to produce the final result. Among the equipment, a fabrication company has the capability to use to produce a customized component are the following:

• CAD Design Tools

• Deburring

• Drilling

• Heat Treating

• Plating

• Stamping Presses

• Tapping

• Welding

• Wire EDM

All combine to ensure the final product meets the specifications and requirements of the industrial concern. Furthermore, a fabrication shop can perform these processes on a variety of material including, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and steel.

Custom Metal Stamping

Custom metal stamping is a process sought out by companies with products that are unique or do not conform to current standardized types. By choosing this method, OEMs are often finding a solution to what they perceive as a production problem. They realize that customization ensures the solution is just that.