The Chain Sling – Single, Double and Multi Leg Types

Industrial Supplier

When it comes to lifting heavy loads, especially in industrial and construction settings, chain slings can be a very valuable component of the lifting process. Temperature resistant, strong and flexible, the chain sling enables industrial and other entities to lift loads subject to a range of different conditions. As with the lifting of any load, it is imperative that all necessary safety precautions are taken at all times. The different types of chain slings that are commonly used in various different scenarios include the single leg, double leg and the multi-leg sling. Different styles and sizes are available with these products.

Let’s review these slings below:

Single leg chain slings consist of, just as the name implies, a single chain length that serves to support the lifted load. The use of this sling requires the application of an even load distribution. Master links with Sling hooks, sling grab hooks and foundry hooks can all play a part in the application of the single chain sling. Other slings support an adjustable configuration; and still others support an endless basket configuration. With a grade 80 chain, you’ll find links sizes as large as 7/8 inch. Grade 100 chains can have links sizes that reach 1 ¼ inch. Although there is only a single leg chain involved, weight capacities can reach as high as 70,000 lb.

There were two individual chain links that constitute the double leg chain sling. The choices provided with the double leg sling also include master links with a foundry, grab, or sling hook. You will find adjustable and double endless basket configurations available. Grade 80 and grade 100 chains are offered with the double sling version and have the same respective 7/8 inch and 1 ¼ inch links sizes. Some models can carry weight capacities that exceed 100,000 lb.

For weight capacities that exceed 180,000 pounds, a multi-leg sling properly configured can be the right choice. These sling configurations are used to lift very heavy items and come with three or more chains. They come in the same grades and sizes as mentioned above for the single and double chain slings.

Prior to using or implementing any type of chain sling configuration, is very important that you and/or those putting together or using the configuration do so according to all required codes and standards.