The Big Differences Between a Commercial Construction Project in Denver and a Residential Construction Project

Construction and Maintenance

The use of a property varies depending on its purpose. Often, properties with a commercial designation have a vastly different purpose than those with a residential designation. There are also different challenges in the entire construction process. So, there are different things to consider when looking at a commercial project and a residential one.

One of the big differences between a Commercial Construction Project in Denver is the traffic flow before, during, and after the project is completed. Traffic flow is extremely important because Commercial properties are so much more complex and require the use of many pieces of heavy equipment. There are often many different projects happening at once. So, establishing a proper flow will help to keep the project moving in a precise manner. It also helps to keep down the delays of moving machinery to a minimum.

Another big difference is the scale of the project. Even for relatively small commercial buildings, the scale often tops that of a residential project. In addition to just clearing out an area for the building, the project may require the installation of bigger sewer and water systems, drainage systems, and other things to accommodate the business venture. These items are usually on a larger scale because there are often lots of people who need to use the facilities.

There are also differences in the building codes for a Commercial Construction project in Denver. These regulations vary based on the industry but are often more strict than what you would find in a residential zone. One example of this is in the food industry, where there are special regulations for how the refrigerators and freezers are kept as well as restrictions on food preparation areas. There are different safety standards to meet, such as a wide-scale sprinkler system for fire protection. If there are dangerous chemicals being handled, there are additional safety measures that have to be built in as well.

These are some of the big differences between a commercial project and a residential project. For more information on commercial projects, check out A commercial property is a different type of construction challenge than a residential project.