The Advantages of Being an Independent Truck Driver in Texas

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While there are many exciting benefits to simply being a truck driver, there are even more benefits that come when you are an independently contracted driver. Here are just a few of the things you can expect to enjoy if you join the ranks of independent contractor drivers.

Your Schedule Is Your Own

Nothing can give you a better sense of freedom than working on your own schedule. You can work as much as you want or you can work as little as you want, the choice is entirely up to you. There is no more having to ask someone if you can have a particular day off, no more missed birthdays if you are a parent. The ability to make your own schedule is seen as a blessing by many truck drivers all over the country.

Better Pay

The money you are able to bring in as one of the many independent contractor drivers in the country will be higher than if you were driving for a company. The most obvious reason for this is because you are also covering all of your own expenses, such as gasoline, insurance, and truck maintenance. However, even the pay after expenses tends to be higher. You also should not ignore the fact that you are able to enjoy the tax advantages of being self-employed.

You Own The Vehicle

While some may say owning your own truck is not a benefit simply because you must pay for all expenses, there is the fact that you can deck out your truck with any kind of creature comforts you would like.