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Virginia dental patients can find a resolution for conditions such as sleep apnea. With a proper diagnosis, a dentist can determine the best course of treatment for this condition and others to help the patient sleep more effectively. If you need help through Dentistry Middleburg VA today, you should contact Gainesville Dental Associates now and schedule an appointment.


What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a condition in which the patient has disruptions in sleep due to reduced oxygen levels. This decrease is caused by airflow restriction. This is caused by conditions such as a deviated septum or shift in the jaw line. Patients with this condition often wake feeling restless and drained due to an inability to sleep throughout the night. In most cases, a sleep study is performed to determine whether or not a patient is experiencing sleep apnea before a treatment strategy is chosen.

What Treatments are Available?

In most cases, patients who have a deviated septum undergo surgery to correct this condition. However, when it is a jaw-based issue, a dentist can prescribe a mouth guard to assist the patient. The mouth guard is fitted after a mold of the patient’s mouth is taken. This device re-positions the jaw to allow adequate oxygen levels to reach the lungs. This allows the patient to acquire proper levels of sleep. Through Local Dentistry In Middleburg VA today, patients can acquire these devices and wake more alert.

The mouth guard is a more comfortable alternative to CPAP machines, which require the patient to wear a face mask to acquire adequate oxygen levels throughout the night. In some cases, this may disrupt the sleep of their partner. A mouth guard is a better option as it promotes unrestricted airflow and doesn’t cause other problems.

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects millions of patients each year. It could lead to irritability, frustration, and a lack of concentration. It could affect the patient’s normal life significantly, if they do not seek treatment. Dentists can help to eliminate this condition by providing effective treatment. If you need assistance through Dentistry Middleburg VA today, you should visit website immediately.