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Guard and Patrol

Feeling safe and secure is an innate right we all deserve to have. When your home, business or neighborhood has and any criminal activity, that sense of security can be shaken to the core. To prevent criminal activity from occurring, you may want to consider hiring a private security firm to keep watch and provide a presence and peace of mind at your business or in your neighborhood.

You might be thinking that police officers also perform these same duties, so why wouldn’t I hire them instead? You most certainly could, but providing the type of services mentioned above are considered “special duty” for police officers, and you do have to pay a fairly high rate for their services. Also, crime is on the rise in most cities across the nation, stretching the resources of already stressed police departments. Hiring the services of the Best Private Security Firm in Cincinnati, OH will ensure that the response time to your emergency is immediate.

Most security firms provide armed and unarmed guards for hire. They can provide several services such as stationary guard service, fire watch service, mobile and community patrol service and special event service. Stationary guards can either be plain clothes or uniformed officers. They can provide security on site, which may be preferable if you need to have a presence during business hours. Fire watch services include ensuring that you are meeting the fire marshal codes when putting in or repairing your fire alarm system. Mobile and community patrol services are usually a less expensive alternative to an on site officer. You can schedule cars to patrol your business or community at certain times to keep watch for any criminal activity. The Best Private Security Firm in Cincinnati OH also has a service in which officers can respond to and reset alarms if necessary. Special event service includes providing officers to help secure your event, no matter the size. Officers can provide a sense of security and safety at fundraisers, marathons and even school events.

If you feel the need for extra security for your business or community, think about the benefits of hiring a security company to provide a safe, secure environment. Hiring trained officers to keep criminal activity down can only provide peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your daily activities.

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