Reasons to Consider Braces in Findlay, OH

by | Oct 30, 2014 | Dentist

Whether you are an adult or you think your child needs braces, you should consider the most common reasons people in Findlay, OH require them so that you can educate yourself on when it may be beneficial. Orthodontic work can be done for cosmetic reasons to give you a nicer-looking smile, but it can also be necessary for a healthier lifestyle.

Tooth Decay

Many times, misaligned teeth can cause tooth decay for the other teeth that are hidden behind the misaligned teeth. When this happens, you may not be able to brush the teeth behind the others, making it impossible to floss and brush correctly. Over time, food particles and tartar can become so bad that the teeth hidden behind the misaligned tooth will start to decay. This will lead to cavities and other dental work, such as a root canal, filling or other procedures. However, by realigning the teeth correctly, braces will stop this problem.

Heart Disease

There are many studies that claim poor dental hygiene could cause or be relevant to heart disease. Of course, misaligned teeth can cause problems with other teeth and gums, but over time, those problems could result in bacteria being formed, which could travel into the bloodstream and cause other problems.


The number one reason of using braces in Findlay, OH is to prevent other mouth, gum and teeth diseases in the future. If you have an over or under-bite, it could cause problems with your jaw, which may or may not be painful. It could also hinder speech, chewing or biting.


If you have a severe overbite, under-bite or gross misalignment of your teeth, you may feel uncomfortable smiling or laughing in front of people. This will drop your confidence level and make you feel self-aware of everything you do. Most adults have gotten used to the idea of never smiling or have perfected the “no teeth” smile, but you don’t have to continue making excuses. While some insurance companies refuse to allow braces in adults or may require the older version of metal instead of the clear Invisalign braces, you may choose to do the procedure anyway so that you can have more confidence in your life.

Straighter Teeth

Most people realize their teeth are crooked and prefer to have straighter teeth. While crooked teeth can cause other problems, you may not be worried about those complications yet and instead just want your teeth to look normal.

Braces in Findlay, OH are the perfect way to have a nicer smile. Findlay Total Dental Care can help you.

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