The alternative to pocket doors

Materials and Supplies

For those who have a single opening and want a sliding door, historically the solution has been a pocket door. Unfortunately, a pocket door is something that really needs to be taken into consideration while the house is being constructed as they fit inside the wall. When the door is open, it is suspended from an upper track which allows it to be parked inside the wall.

As an alternative to pocket doors, a wall slide door provides the same benefit, the benefit being space. Compared to a traditional hinged door that must swing through a clear arc to open and close, the wall slide door can save almost 10 square feet of space. This space saving feature makes these doors ideal in small areas such as bathrooms, closets, utility rooms, etc.

When a new home is being built, installing pocket doors is not difficult, it is when you want the advantage of a pocket door in an existing home that it becomes problematic.

With a wall slide door, the hardware to support the sliding door is all mounted on the outside of the opening. Just like a pocket door, when the door is slid open, the entry way is 100% accessible. There are two styles of this type of door available. One style requires a track on both the wall and the floor, the other style only is suspended from an upper track; no floor track is required.

When the wall slide door or doors are used to enclose a closet, many homeowners will opt to install a door that runs on both an upper and bottom track along the wall. As the bottom track may pose a hazard when walking through the door, when the door is used to partition one room from another, the wall hung system with no bottom track is more likely to be chosen.

When used for a double closet, the wall sliding doors are ideal as they allow both doors to be open at the same time. Conventional closet sliding doors will nest one over the other allowing for only one door at a time to be fully opened. Wall sliding doors can be produced from a number of different door materials, but glass is ideal, especially when the door is separating rooms as it allows light to pass though while maintaining visual privacy.

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