The benefits of an Exhaust ventilation fan

Materials and Supplies

An Exhaust ventilation fan can provide the homeowner with a number of benefits, most of which have to do with regulating the heat in the house. The objective of an Exhaust fan is to reduce the heat in the Exhaust which in turn lowers the temperature throughout the house. Air conditioners are power hungry compared to Exhaust fans, this is another very good reason to consider one especially if your home is located in a part of the country that enjoys year-round heat or even just periods during the summer. A lot has to do with the size of the house and the effective performance of the fan but in many cases an Exhaust ventilation fan can take the place of an air conditioner.

There are a couple of things that must be possible in the home before an Exhaust fan can be at its most effective. The house must have windows that can be opened, especially on the lower levels and it is necessary that air flows through every room in the house. Doors that lead to bedrooms, the den or the home office should be left wide open. When the Exhaust fan is running and the lower windows are open, the fan will pull cool air into the house and blow hot air out, if rooms are not open they will not see the same drop in temperature as those that are open.

The temperature in the house will drop considerably when the Exhaust fan is turned on and running. While it takes some time for an air conditioner to show appreciable results in temperature drop, the Exhaust fan drops the temperature quicker, it also constantly pulls fresh air into the house for circulation, not so with an air conditioner.

Most homeowners are concerned about finances as well as their environment. Because an Exhaust ventilation fan uses far less electricity than an air conditioner, they are better for the wallet and the environment. Although most Exhaust fans rely on electricity there are models available that operate on solar power, these are even more environmentally friendly.

For those parts of the country where very high temperatures are the norm, an Exhaust ventilation fan may not provide adequate cooling but when used in cooperation with air conditioning the air conditioners will not have to be running as frequently to keep the interior temperature within the comfort zone.