Tips On Troubleshooting Issues With A Garage Door Opener Honolulu

Repair and Service

Having a garage door that will not open can be very inconvenient to most households. Many times when such a situation occurs, a homeowner may decide to try to determine what is causing issues with the Garage Door Opener Honolulu before they call a professional repair person.

One of the most common causes of a garage door opener that will not work can be something as simple as the batteries in the remote needing to be replaced or damage to the wiring on the control button on the wall. In addition, many times a circuit breaker may need to be reset and this can result in the opener getting no power. This can often be fixed by flipping the breaker switch.

Another issue that can occur with a door opener is the safety sensors that are located along the sides of the doorway about four to six inches from the floor. These sensors control whether or not the opener is able to work or not. The sensor on one side of the door sends a beam to the other sensor. Once the beam is received, the garage door opener can be released to open or shut the door. If the beam is not received, the opener will remain locked so that the door cannot open or shut. This is a safety feature that is designed to prevent the door from opening or shutting on anything that might be in its pathway. If the lenses on the sensors are dirty, they can stop the door from opening and they will need cleaning. In addition, sometimes the sensors will be moved out of alignment and this can cause problems as well.

If these elements are working fine, then it may be that the tracks on the door frame may be causing the issue. Many times the tracks can become dirty and this can prevent the door from moving on the tracks. Tracks can be cleaned using a cloth and household cleaner. They should be dried well afterwards and heavy-duty lubricant should be applied to the rollers on the doors. The tracks should also be examined for signs of damage or other issues. If the tracks are slightly bent or have other types of dings, these can often be pounded out with the use of a mallet. However, if the damage is too severe, the tracks may need to be replaced by a trained Garage Door Opener Honolulu repair specialist.