Subsidized Smartphones and Mobile Plans For Residents in Wisconsin


Getting a Free Smartphone From the Government

As a low-income resident in the state of Wisconsin, you might be eligible to receive a new smartphone for free. Covered by the Lifeline program, the free mobile device is loaded with the latest features that you would normally find in other devices on the shelves of local stores. To receive your free government smartphones in Wisconsin, you must submit an application and other supporting documents showing proof of your income and other relevant status. You could qualify for free government smartphones in Wisconsin if you’re already enrolled in various subsidized programs, such as Section 8 housing or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Of course, you must show full proof of residency in the state of WI for a minimum duration as required by the Lifeline program. Once your application is approved, you could order a complimentary smartphone from an online catalog.

Free Talk, Text and Data Services

When you receive free government smartphones in Wisconsin, you will also need to have a valid plan for phone calls, text messages and mobile data. Fortunately, the Emergency Broadband Program provides such free services based on your household income, residency and other eligibility. Issued by the FCC during the COVID-19 pandemic, the EBB allows you to enjoy the typical services that come with a subscription-based mobile phone plan. In fact, you might have access to unlimited talk and text on your plan that’s covered by the EBB. Additionally, unlimited data usage is another major benefit of this program that’s sponsored by the federal government. Contact Infiniti Mobile at for more information on free government smartphones and mobile plans in Wisconsin.