Starting A Medical Malpractice Case Through A Personal Injury Law Firm In Granite City, IL


In Illinois, medical malpractice laws outline how patients seek damage from their doctor. Under the laws, all doctors must provide a higher standard of care for their patients or face liabilities. A failure to provide adequate healthcare could also lead to criminal charges when an act of malice or hate crimes has occurred. A Personal Injury Law Firm in Granite City IL assists patients who were injured due to these failures.

Where the Liability Started

The origin of the medical error defines where the treatment or health services took a turn for the worst. Medical malpractice covers a wide array of circumstances where a patient sustained an injury. It encompasses surgical errors, birth injuries, misdiagnoses, and providing the wrong medication.

How Many Doctors Were Involved?

A review of the patient’s medical records determines if multiple doctors were involved. A complete investigation of the patient’s care defines the exact doctor that produced the injuries. When faced with a liability, a hospital board conducts an investigation to find the responsible party. Attorneys conduct own assessment and determine what legal action is sufficient to collect compensation for the victim.

Who Witnessed the Low Standard of Care?

All medical staff is deposed, and the attorney determines who is helpful to the patient’s case. The testimony determines what information could be used against the patient to discredit their claim. By acquiring the information, the attorneys build a more effective medical malpractice case.

What Could the Patient Collect Through a Lawsuit?

Economic damages provide payment for medical costs and financial losses. Doctors face punitive damages for injuring a patient as a form of punishment. Tort-based claims could lead to further compensation for pain and suffering or mental anguish. Permanent injuries, disfigurements, or disabilities might lead to larger settlements.

In Illinois, medical malpractice laws outline liabilities for doctors who fail to provide a higher standard of health care to their patients. When a medical malpractice lawsuit is filed, hospital boards take action to find where the liability originated, and they offer settlements when evidence proves their liability. Patients who need answers about filing for a claim through a Personal Injury Law Firm in Granite City IL contact Becker Schroader & Chapman PC or click here for further information today.