Custom Engraved and Embossed Plaques in Oahu

Office Products

The use of plaques in Oahu is varied due to the range of sizes, shapes, colors, and custom wording or symbols possible. Small and simple plaques are ideal for desks, providing directions, and labeling doors. Elaborate ones are best suited for awards, expressing appreciation, and noting school achievements.


The process of engraving consists of cutting grooves into the surface making the writing or image last for several decades. This can be done in many fonts to accommodate the occasion. Bold and clear fonts are perceived as professional and are perfect for plaques given to clients, executives, and college graduates.

A cursive or calligraphy type font is fun and whimsical for boutique store windows, bedrooms for children, and contest winners. Home decor is another use for a creative font on plaques in Oahu. The family name, a quote or mantra, and plaques on stakes to commemorate an addition to the house.


This is different from engraving because designs and lettering are raised on the surface. Official university stamps on a diploma, a business logo on an award of distinction, and an academic milestone are examples of common choices for embossing. The emphasis is placed on the embossed portion of the plaque to enhance credibility.

Uses for Custom Plaques

Rather than use an ordinary plaque that is mass-produced, a custom plaque is personal, one-of-a-kind, and appreciated on a greater level. The purpose of employee appreciation events is to indicate the talents and efforts of individuals. A plaque without the name or years of service will be virtually useless in achieving that goal.

A sports award means nothing when it lacks the year, the name of the athlete, and the name of the school or team. Recognition is made more powerful by including unique aspects of the person on the receiving end. Buyers will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable basic design and custom services can be for one plaque or many plaques.

Customer Service

The quality of the engraving and embossing has a direct impact on the presentation and longevity of the plaque. A company that utilizes state-of-the-art machinery operated by an experienced staff member places value on the customer. Same-day service is also a sign of dedication to customers, so Get more information before purchasing a plaque.