Special phones for VoIP


There are a number of existing phones that have been specially designed for use with VoIP. These are usually called VoIP business phone systems NYC, or SIP phones. SIP, session initiation protocol, is an existing standard used for VoIP signaling. When you see these phones you think they are a normal POTS phone but they are equipped with an ATA which is the hardware interface between the analog phone system and a VoIP service.

VoIP phones are convenient:

These VoIP business phone systems NYC are ready for VoIP use. These phones can be simply connected to the existing phone network regardless of whether it is a LAN or the internet router. Conventional phones cannot be connected in this fashion but because a SIP phone includes an internal ATA, the installation is straight forward.

There are some phone models that are complete with Ethernet ports which allow the user to directly plug RJ-45 cables directly to establish a LAN connection. They can easily be connected to any computer on the network or straight into the LAN, which is connected straight to the internet through the router. The RJ-45 port that is integral with some phones can be used to feed power to the phone, in this way the phone can get power from the network and requires no electrical outlet.

Types of IP phones:

Just like cell phones, there is a wide array of Op phones; these SIP phones range from those with very basic features all the way to those that support web access and videoconferencing. Regardless of their myriad of features they should all:

  • Support IP protocol
  • Have one or more RJ-45 ports for LAN connections
  • Have a keypad for dialing the number
  • Have and ATA

Wireless IP phones:

Wireless networks have come into their own in recent years and as a result, so have wireless VoIP business phone systems in NYC. These wireless versions have a built in Wi-Fi adapter and the phone can connect to the network in the same way as computers.

The price of VoIP phones:

VoIP phones are still somewhat expensive; this perhaps is their only drawback for domestic use. The cost is the primary reason why these VoIP phone systems are most often found in a corporate environment which has VoIP services up and running in-house.

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