Signs that You Need AC Service in Wichita

Heating and Air Conditioning

There are a number of situations where you may need emergency AC service due to the unit having completely stopped working. In order to avoid these emergency situations, where you are left in sweltering heat because AC Service in Wichita is not available right away, you should schedule regular maintenance for your unit. Additionally, taking notice of tell-tale signs that there is something wrong will help you prevent a total breakdown. The most common signs of an AC issue are highlighted here.

Excessive or Strange Noises

Your air conditioning unit has been designed by the manufacturer to operate virtually silent and as efficient as possible. If you have noticed that your AC system has recently began making more noise than usual, then you should call on the services of a repair team to inspect the unit. You could have an issue with parts that are disconnected, or the motor may be failing. It is important to listen carefully and notice if the sounds become noticeable.

Insufficient Flow of Air

The flow of the air from your air conditioner can vary slightly, which is mostly dependent on the actual age of your air filter. It is highly suggested that you change the air filter regularly, which will help ensure maximum air flow at all times, as well as help with the general air quality. If you change your air filter and still experience a lower amount of air flow, chances are you should call on the professional services of an AC Service in Wichita. This issue is likely directly related to the blower of the unit.

Not Cooling Properly

One of the clearest signs that there is an issue with your AC unit is that the system has begun to blow warmer than it previously did. Additionally, it may take longer for the unit to reach the desired temperature. Either of these issues are a clear sign that it is time to call for professional AC Service. The fix for this problem may be that you simply need to refill the coolant, which is a quick and inexpensive fix for the majority of professionals.

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