Bone graft for a dental implant

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When an individual loses one or more teeth as a result of trauma, decay or simply neglect; it is normal for the resulting gap to be filled with either a bridge or a dental implant. Dental implants in Lemont are by far the better solution because the results are a perfectly natural tooth when the procedure has been completed. For a dental implant to be successful there must be sufficient healthy bone for the anchor which is placed directly into it. If the area for the transplant does not have enough healthy bone because of previous damage or perhaps periodontal disease all is not lost, the dentist can proceed with a bone graft. This graft is a dental procedure that builds up the bone in the area designated for the implant.

The best source for the necessary bone is from the patient as there is no chance of tissue rejection. In some cases it is possible to harvest bone from or near the implant site during the initial preparation for the implant. If this is not possible, there are other areas in the mouth that can provide donor bone such as the chin area. If none of these sites are acceptable, then bone can be taken from perhaps the hip or forearm. If the bone must come from these sites the extraction will be done by a hospital surgeon, the bone which was removed will be passed back to the dentist for implantation.

If all these possibilities fail, all is not lost. There are bone banks that have bone available that has been harvested from cadavers and kept available for such times as the patient cannot provide bone for the graft. Although there is synthetic bone available, it is not as good for the purpose as natural bone.

Once the bone graft has been completed, the responsible dentist will insert new tissue in the area making sure any defects are repaired. A membrane is usually inserted which eliminates the possibility of soft tissue cells growing in place of the bone.

If a bone graft is required the time to complete the dental implants in Lemont gets considerably longer, it can easily add nine or ten months to the procedure. Once the bone graft has taken to the satisfaction of the dentist, the implant can proceed.

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