Soar Above The Water And Dolphins When You Go Parasailing In Destin Florida.

Water Sports

Imagine parasailing high above the crystal clear waters of Destin, Florida. Pods of playful dolphins swim below, and manatee rays glide through the water effortlessly. If you are planning on a vacation in Florida, your time spent there would be incomplete if you did not include parasailing. At, schedule events that will create a lifetime of memories. If you live in Florida, and enjoy the water, but do not want the expense of owning a jet ski, paying the insurance and towing it around whenever you want to use it, renting a jet ski or wave runner could be the answer you have been looking for.

Parasailing Destin Florida, is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime, or every time you come to Florida for a visit. You can sail alone, or with one or two other people. Hooked together, you will be pulled behind a boat, soaring above the sparkling emerald waters and beach. 500 feet above the water, you will have a perspective of that is normally reserved for the seagulls. It is fairly safe to say you will see dolphins while in the air.

Parasailing Destin Florida, was not initially designed as a water sport. Originally, people learning to parachute were pulled into the air behind a car, disconnected and allowed to drop to the earth. It was less expensive and safer than using airplanes. In 1974, the parachutes were redesigned to be pulled without release, behind a boat. Parasailing Destin Florida was born, and people began to soar above the water. With over 21 years of accident free experience pulling para-sailors behind his boat The SkyScraper, you know you are in good hands with Xtreme H2O’s captain at the helm. Not only can you parasail with a companion or two, you may want to ride in the boat as an observer. Your flight will be captured on HD video, along with photographs for you to take with you.

From pontoon boats, to jet skis and Wave Runners Xtreme H2O has the perfect water experience waiting for you. Charging you one fee, they include the fuel so you do not have to worry about a fuel charge when you get back to dock. You can take a dolphin tour, or rent fishing poles and snorkel equipment. Whatever kind of water adventure you are looking for, Xtreme H2O has it ready and waiting for you.