Boat Towables Offer Wet & Wild Fun for Everyone

Water Sports

When you think of boat towables, you more than likely think of water skiing or wakeboarding. Did you know, however, that there are a number of three and four person towables that help you share you fun? You can give your whole party a healthy dose of adernaline while getting them soaked with one of these fun inflatable racers.

Consider any of the following if you’re looking to catch a few waves the next time you’re out on the water.

Three-person Coupe Cockpit

Jaded riders have long complained that the traditional cockpit tube hadn’t changed in years. Designers from WOW Watersports took out the seat dividers on this classic design and added a drop-bottom. This turned an old-fashioned inflatable raft into a fast towable that’s balanced enough to let up to three people ride over the wake and in the whips.

Best of all, it easily converts into a nice relaxing raft when you’re ready to cool off after a long action-filled day.

The Big Boy

If you have a large group or perhaps a party made up of several younger children, then you might want to look into the Big Boy Racing tube. This inflatable seats 1-4 people and offers a large central hole that lets a parent and child ride comfortable. While it might look like a typical inflatable, Big Boy boat towables are wilder than you might think.

Thrills & Chills from the Super Thriller

Extreme sports aficionados have long loved grabbing the reigns of a thriller and holding on while they’re towed by a speedboat, but designers upped the ante in 2018 when they made the new Super Thriller. This special deck tube offers an exciting ride for up to three different daredevils. Unlike most other boat towables, the Super Thriller features a tapered design that’s higher in the front than the back. This helps riders get the wildest wake action possible.

Visit if any of these sound like the perfect way to enjoy some summer fun!

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