Residential Foundation Excavation and Repairs

Foundation Repair

Most regions in America experience some shifting in the area immediately surrounding the foundation of a home. This might not seem like a major issues, but the truth is that a small amount of shifting in the ground can cause serious damage to the foundation of a home. In only takes a few inches of shifting to crack a home’s foundation and cause leaks that lead to severe damage in a home. The only way to resolve these kinds of issues is by Excavating the foundation and repairing any sagging. By removing the soil around the foundation service providers such as Briggs Basement Foundation Repair can insert small piling that help support the foundation of a home. Adding support to the foundation of a home is the best way to fix sagging and prevent any further shifting in the foundation.

Most repairs take less than a day, and must be completed when weather allows for the work. Heavy rain can make it impossible to properly secure the new pilings and adjust the foundation. The pilings are inserted into the ground immediately surrounding the home, under the areas where the sagging has occurred. This would be impossible is the soil is too wet and soft to properly secure the pilings. It’s also important to remember that even a small amount of shifting in a home’s foundation cause cracks in the basement of a home. Those cracks allow water to penetrate a home, which causes further damage.

It’s important that any Excavating and foundation repairs are followed up with repairs to the basement of the home. If the cracks aren’t repaired quickly further damage can occur to the foundation of the home. Any beams or wood in the basement of a home will also be affected by water penetration. There is also a serious risk of mold and mildew growth in a basement with leaks. The best approach is to have the foundation reset and then have the same team of professionals repair the cracks in the basement at the same time. This quick and easy approach could save thousands of dollars in repairs later on. For more info visit us.

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