Signs That You Need Slab Foundation Repair in Houston, TX

Foundation Repair

The slab foundation repair method is commonly used in many parts of the country. Many houses in Houston succumb to foundation damage because water tends to seep under the ground and into the foundation of the building, eventually softening it and causing the property to sink or tilt towards one side. However, there are some pretty obvious signs that will become evident that you need to look out. The slab foundation repair method is relatively inexpensive and can be carried out efficiently, making it an excellent choice for most purposes. Here are some obvious signs that you need to get the foundation repaired.

Doors Don’t Close Properly

An obvious sign that your foundation is sinking or is damaged is if you notice that the doors do not close properly. When you close the door and an edge gets stuck in one side of the door frame, it’s a clear indication that the door frames are tilting, thus preventing the door from closing properly. Because the doors are cut accurately based on the size of the door frame, even a slight change in the foundation will affect it. You can view the website to find out more.

Gap Between Basement Floor and the Walls

If you want to confirm whether your foundation is damaged or not, it’s important that you evaluate the gap between the basement floor and the walls. If a gap is widening between the floors and the walls, you should call a professional and conduct a thorough inspection. This is also a sign that the foundation is sinking into the ground, thus, requiring proper slab foundation repair in Houston, TX. These are a few signs that you should look out for.