Signs that You are in Need of Chimney Repair in Queens, NY

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Chimney

The chimney is a home feature that speaks of a cozy fireplace. While it often gets ignored for part of the year, it is also a necessary source of heating for homes in Queens. But like many things around the home, it can degrade over time and use. Thus, it is essential to get your chimney looked at on a regular basis to ensure that the chimney is doing its job properly. There are also some signs that your chimney may need to be repaired before an inspection is done. Click here for more information.

One of the signs that a chimney will have is the leaking of smoke in the house when a fire is lit. The chimney’s job is to filter away the smoke and particles from the fire. If smoke is coming in, then it is a definite sign that something is wrong. You should put out the fire and get the Chimney Repair in Queens, NY done before you lit another fire. If the chimney is clogged with stuff, that stuff could catch on fire. In this case, it is better to have it looked at before a fire breaks out.

Another sign that your chimney requires attention is if you see signs of the mortar deteriorating on the outside. Over time, the exposure to wind and water conditions will take a toll on the brick’s mortar. To keep the integrity of your chimney intact, you should address this problem. If you don’t, the bricks will become loose and fall out. Even if your chimney isn’t composed of bricks, you should still inspect the outside for potential problems.

Many chimneys also have a metal lining installed. The metal lining serves a number of purposes. But this product also has a limited lifespan. If you look into your chimney and see any rust or holes in the metal lining, it is time to get the Chimney Repair in Queens, NY. The metal lining is really a protective barrier.
If you need to get your chimney repaired, then contact US Chimney for more information and an inspection of your chimney. In order to enjoy those cozy evenings, your chimney needs to be in top working order.

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