Promote Your Sponsors With An Android Conference App

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Computers

Sponsorship by small and large businesses is an important aspect of planning a conference. Sponsors help offset the cost of bringing in top quality speakers and presenters and also help in paying for the cost of the venue. As these two costs are typically the largest for any conference or event, finding ways to thank sponsors with advertising and recognition is critical. Android conference app features can help you to promote and thank your sponsors and also give them an additional incentive to sponsor your event.

Sponsor Visibility

One of the ways that you can market to potential sponsors is to show them how their company logo, name or description can be highlighted and promoted on the Android conference app. You have the option to upload any company information that you want from the sponsors and have it uniquely presented on different pages of the Android conference app based on their sponsorship levels or your specific criteria.

This is much more effective for the sponsor since it is centrally located within the app, not just a sign at the front of a breakout room or an announcement at the beginning of the conference.

Sponsorship Banners

You can also ask sponsors if they would like to be featured on banners that are on the different pages provided in the Android conference app. Banners provide more room for information about the sponsor, including easy to access links that will allow the attendees to immediately access the sponsor’s website or sales page.

Sponsorship Levels

With a world of options possible you can develop and charge different rates for different levels of sponsorship. You can even have your Android conference app set to pre-sort and customize icons that indicate the level of sponsorship. You can choose the designations of the levels and the associated icons to suit your conference or event theme and design.

Sponsors won’t be hard to sell on the advantages of Android conference app features over traditional sponsorship acknowledgements. As this is a low cost option with the ultimate in customization and possibilities your sponsors will be able to readily see the advantage of having their name associated with your event.

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