Setting Up Pontoon Rentals in Destin Florida

by | Oct 21, 2014 | Water Sports

If the idea is to rent the pontoon for a longer period of time, find out if there are any discounts offered for longer rental periods. CapacityNot everyone knows that pontoon boats differ in the number of people they can safely hold at one time. When scheduling the rental, be sure to mention the maximum number of individuals who will be on board at any given time.

To be on the safe side, add one or more two people just in case someone decides to bring a friend along at the last minute. This will help the rental agency to know if one of the boats designed for ten people will work, or if something larger is needed. EquipmentAlways ask about the type of equipment that comes along as part of the rental. For example, the customer would want to make sure that the boat came with life jackets, paddles, sandbar anchors, and at least one fire extinguisher. The addition of equipment like cushions and a ladder would be nice too. When going over the list of equipment that is on the boat, always verify if there is any additional charge for anything, or if the equipment is covered by the basic daily rental rate.

Getting out on the water is a must when planning a vacation at the beach. For people who are headed to the Gulf Coast, it helps to set up Pontoon Rentals Destin Florida in advance. Here are some tips that will help with the process. How Long is the Rental Period? The best approach with Pontoon Rentals in Destin Florida is to decide up front how long the pontoon boat will be needed. Some customers may want the boat for one day while others may want to keep it for a week. Some rental services are happy to accommodate clients who want to rent boats for anywhere from a few hours to several days.

This will help make it easier to avoid any awkward moments when it comes time to pay for the rental. Keep in mind that services like Xtreme H20 will often require some sort of payment at the time the reservation is made. This serves to hold the pontoon boat until the customer arrives on the first day of the rental period. By setting up everything in advance, it will be much easier to ensure that a boat is available, and that the vacation can proceed as planned.

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