Tree Pruning In Queens County NY: How To Know When Your Trees Need Some Extra Care

Tree Services

Trees, large shrubs and bushes in your yard can greatly add to the looks of your property. They provide shade, privacy, act as a wind barrier, and attract a variety of birds and small mammals to visit your yard. For the most part, trees and other greenery do just fine growing on their own and do not require much maintenance. However, there are points at which you should look into tree pruning in Queens County NY:

1. Many people plant trees close to their houses because they provide shade and reduce cooling costs in the summertime. However, when limbs and branches start to grow too close to the roof and windows, they should be pruned to avoid damage. Smaller branches and twigs that hang over the roof are usually fine, but large, heavy branches could pose a risk during strong storms. Consult with a tree pruning service to see what they recommend.
2. If you have power lines near your property, keep an eye out for trees in your yard whose branches are growing too close to the lines. This can be very dangerous, causing fires and shorting out the electricity. Tree Pruning can easily remove the branches and leaves that are too close, and cut them in a way that the branches will grow away from the lines in the future.
3. Storms with strong winds or particularly heavy snow and ice can damage tree branches. Partially broken limbs should be removed before they fall and damage property or hurt anyone.
4. Become familiar with tree diseases and take note if any of the foliage on your property exhibits symptoms of blight or mold. Things like powdery mold on leave and branches, large mushrooms coating the trunks, and spotty leaves riddled with holes are signs that your tree may be sick. This can kill branches, which then pose a risk of falling. Tree Pruning in Queens County NY can remove the affected parts of the tree and make recommendations for keeping the tree healthy.

While it is possible to do some pruning yourself, it is best to limit this to shrubs and bushes on your property. Attempting to prune large, tall trees may result in injury, so it is best to have a professional service take care of these for you.