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by | Dec 1, 2014 | Dentist

Dental implants are designed to replace one or more teeth that have been lost due to trauma or extraction. Many people are turning to this procedure because of its high success rate -; 98%. The only reason there is a 2% failure rate is because a number of patients do not follow post-operative instructions or there are some dentists who make mistakes during surgery. You should contact your dental office in Mobile AL, if you have questions.

Indications and case selection

Everyone is not a good candidate for dental implants. For implants to be used, the patient must have a good periodontium. This involves:

*    Quantity and quality of adequate bone to support the implant; and

*    Healthy gums and good quality of those gums.

There are contraindications to the placement of dental implants. They consist of:

*    Medical cons-indications: immunodeficiency, uncontrolled diabetes, major allergies, heart problems, (anti-coagulants) medical treatment at risk, etc.

*    Anatomical consideration: quality and quantity of gums, density, anatomy and bone structure, dental nerves and maxillary sinus anatomy. In some cases, these problems can be managed by techniques of bone or gum regeneration.

*    Occlusion: some dental malpositions of the teeth can cause problems. Other issues like edentulous spacing nearing a root, excessive eruption of teeth over an edentulous space, etc. can also cause problems. These may prevent the placement of implants in an ideal position. In such cases, orthodontics can be a great help to reposition the teeth and make implant placement possible.

*    Limitations of the patient: poor oral hygiene, lack of motivation, inadequate monitoring, etc. The patient must realize that implants require strict discipline on their part if they want to ensure the success of the procedure. Your local dental office in Mobile AL, can explain these in further detail.

*    Smoking is a factor that significantly decreases the success of implants. Smokers have lower blood micro-circulation, which is essential for bone healing.

*    The patient’s age is not really a risk factor as long as the gum and bone meet the criteria listed above.

When a tooth is extracted, some bone loss will inevitably occur. This loss will increase gradually over the years so that the height and width of the bone may have to be increased to allow for an implant. To find out more, contact West Mobile Dental Care today.

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