How to Identify and Eliminate Termites


Unfortunately, at some time in your life you are probably going to have a termite problem. Termites are very common. At least 600,000 homes in the United States are damaged by termites each year, so you are not alone in your battle. You need to know how to identify termites before they have a chance to reach the millions and destroy your home.

Recognizing Termites

Most homeowners do not realize they have termites, which only allows the problem to grow the longer it is undetected. Still, there are small indications that can tell you that you have termites if you pay attention:

•  When termites want to establish a new colony, they leave the old one. This causes them to swarm to the new location, which makes them much easier to see. Do not confuse termites with ants. Termites have white wings and are usually around the entrance of your home.
•  Any rotten wood should immediately lead to an inspection for termites.
•  Termite damage looks like water damage. You may see buckling wood or floors and ceilings that are swollen. You may smell mold or mildew because the infestation gives off that same odor.
•  You may see what looks like mazes inside of walls, furniture, or floors.
•  Wood may sound hollow when you tap it.
•  Sometimes you can hear movement in your walls.
•  You may see mud tunnels or piles of mud around your foundation indicating that the termites have moved in.

Termite Control in Fort Worth

Termites are not easy to control or exterminate, and the job should really be left to professionals like the Wildlife X Team. The poison that kills termites is very toxic, which is why you see homes tented with canvas tarps when termite removal is underway.

You can try to do your own termite control in Fort Worth, but DIY methods do not work as well or as fast as a professional extermination job. You can inject the soil around your home with termiticide and wait as the termites bring the poison back to their colonies and die off, and you can also set out poison for termites to find in their living areas.

One good thing about termiticide is that it will prevent termites from entering your home. On the other hand, termiticide really isn’t the most efficient or best way to eliminate a termite problem.

Professional termite control in Fort Worth will help you assess the damage the termites have caused and how big their colonies are. By learning this information, a company specializing in professional termite control in Fort Worth can determine the best method for getting rid of the termites.

Hiring a professional will ensure that termites are removed from your home quickly. Furthermore, they can help you prevent future problems by helping you protect weak areas of your home that attract termites.