Is Children’s Dentistry in Omaha NE Important?


A child’s teeth must be taken care of as soon as the first baby’s tooth breaks the gum. Many dentists will tell you that prevention is much better than the cure. This is very true because prevention can save a parent plenty of money and time when dealing with oral health issues. Your local office specializing in children’s dentistry in Omaha NE can help with maintaining oral health.


The eruption of the first set of teeth is generally not a problem, as it often develops unnoticed and without complications. Of course, the child may experience discomfort during the process, but there should be no excruciating pain involved. If the child complains of teeth, the best course of action is local therapy. A massage of the gums leads to better blood circulation and facilitates the eruption. For this, “teethers”, exert a suitable massaging effect. There are other products you can use like Orajel, which numbs the area.

With strong teething, a reddened and swollen mouth accompanied by a fever may be present. You may want to consult your pediatrician about this, but most likely they will suggest a fever reducer. Once the baby teeth are visible, it is important that they are kept in perfect health because they serve as placeholders for permanent teeth. This means they should remain healthy and without decay.

Baby teeth are structured differently than the permanent teeth and less resistant in their composition and structure. The enamel has a lower mineral content and a larger pore volume, making them brighter on one hand, but on the other hand, they wear out faster. Also, the structure of the tooth, compared to permanent teeth, is different. The enamel layer is thin (less than 1mm) and the dentin is less resistant, so decay can quickly penetrate the tooth structure and reach the tooth nerve. Because of this, it is advisable to treat caries in primary teeth and not just wait until the permanent tooth replaces the dental caries.

However, treatment of dental caries in deciduous teeth is usually difficult because the children do not remain quiet or still for treatment. In addition, technical difficulties arise, since treatment with synthetic fillings is a complicated process. Caries in the primary dentition should be avoided as it saves the child pain and prevents a possible “contagion” of the permanent teeth. For more information, contact your children’s dentistry in Omaha NE today.