Importance of Hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer in Ocean City, MD


Every motorist dreads getting a DUI. This is mainly due to the loss of license that is almost inevitable when you are convicted. If you have been arrested and are being charged with a DUI, think about hiring a competent DUI Defense Lawyer in Ocean City, MD as soon as possible. Here are a few things you need to know about dealing with DUI charges.

The disadvantages of getting a DUI conviction

Most people think the worst thing that can happen to them after a DUI is losing their license. While this is inconveniencing, there are other more far-reaching results:

1. The DUI is likely to stay in your record for a very long time. It will always show up when anyone does a criminal background check. This could stop you from getting jobs and engaging in various other activities.
2. Getting reasonable insurance premiums becomes extremely difficult after you have been convicted of DUI. This is because most insurance companies will see you as a careless driver and a liability. Even when you are able to obtain an insurance quote, it will be more expensive than others are required to pay.
3. There are times when a DUI can lead to community service, heavy fines, and even jail time.

It is, therefore, important to ensure you hire a lawyer soon after the arrest to avoid suffering the consequences mentioned.

Common DUI defenses

There are certain defenses that are normally used by attorneys in DUI cases. These include:

1. Questioning the arrest procedure. There are certain legal steps that must be followed during a DUI arrest. These include making sure that they have a reason for stopping you, administering all the required field alcohol tests, and reading the Miranda rights. If any of the arresting procedures are violated, the case could be dropped.

2. Putting the character of witnesses into dispute: DUI lawyers know more about this than anyone else, and they can use this information to get you a better outcome.

Hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer in Ocean City MD, increases your chances of getting an acquittal. Judging from the fact that on average 70 percent of DUI cases are convicted, getting a lawyer will be very crucial. Visit the website of Marc A. Zeve, PA to get legal assistance. They stand ready to defend your rights to the very end.