Seeing a Specialist for Hearing Loss in Bethlehem PA


Hearing Loss in Bethlehem PA is no laughing matter. In fact, thousands of Americans lose their hearing, in some way, on a daily basis. What happens during the first consultation? The appointment begins with an in-depth examination of the disorders, symptoms, and discomfort felt. The specialist wants to know when the symptoms manifested, in what places and if there are similar cases in the family. This is followed by an examination of the organ(s) involved, with rapid control of the associated functions. The ears and nose are examined using a speculum, the throat with a small spatula. It is only at the end of this consultation that the specialist can make the first diagnosis, decide on the treatment to be followed and possibly additional examinations.

If tinnitus is present, the patient may hear various noises (hissing, buzzing) in one or both ears as a result of obstructive lesions of the external, middle or inner ear. Several million people suffer from this issue daily. Rhinitis is characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavities to the back of the nose. There are several forms of rhinitis: allergic rhinitis (traditionally called hay fever), caused by the inhalation of plant particles (pollens) or animals (mites, cat hair, and bird feathers); viral rhinitis, infectious (presence of microbes) or toxic by tobacco use, or irritants. In some cases, it may even become chronic and requires appropriate treatment. These issues can cause Hearing Loss in Bethlehem PA on occasion.

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the cavities of the bones of the face. It originates from the spread of an infection of the nasal cavities (or more rarely from the root of a superior tooth). It can be acute or chronic, that is to say, it lasts more than 3 months. It results in permanent nasal discharge and a feeling of nasal obstruction and coughing at night. Chronic bronchitis is characterized by permanent or recurrent bronchial secretion, that is when the person coughs and expels sputum for more than 3 consecutive months. It is the leading cause of chronic respiratory failure. It is caused mainly by smoking, air pollution, and repeated infections. All of the above issues could cause hearing loss, so it is crucial to visit to determine if you need to be seen.