Five Signs That You Should Consider Refrigerator Repair in Temecula, CA


Keeping your food cold helps to keep it unspoiled for a longer amount of time. Extending the shelf life of food allows you to keep and use it as you need, saving you money and allowing for easier meal preparation. Since we depend on being able to chill and store our food, it is important to have a reliable refrigerator that is always in good shape.

If your refrigerator stops working altogether, you know to call for repairs. However, when the signs are less obvious, do you still know when to call? If you don’t, you will want to learn when to call for repairs. Here are five signs that you should consider refrigerator repair in Temecula, CA because there may be potential problems with your unit.

Your Food Is Spoiling Quickly

Your fridge is designed to keep food unspoiled for as long as possible. Refrigeration delays food from spoiling. If you notice that the food you are buying is spoiling more quickly than usual, it may be because a problem with your fridge.

Temperature fluctuations inside your fridge are usually to blame for this problem, which usually requires refrigerator repair. Be sure to check your freezer portion of your fridge as well for evidence of spoiling or thawing.

Excessive Condensation

If your fridge appears to be sweating, it means that it is not cooling properly. The first thing you should check is that your fridge is closing properly. The seal on your fridge may be to blame. No matter what the cause is, you will need refrigerator repair or servicing to address this issue.

Your Motor Runs Hot

Refrigerators run on a motor to help cool your food. If you feel the back of your fridge and it feels hot, it is usually evidence of a motor problem. If your motor overheats, it can cause your fridge to malfunction or shut down altogether. For help with your fridge, visit