Retaining Experienced Disability Lawyers in Missouri for Your Petition


The process involved with applying for disability can be fraught with legal challenges. In fact, most people who apply are not approved on their first petition. If they are not blind or do not suffer from a terminal illness, they are denied on the basis that they can do some meaningful work outside of the home.

When you want to reduce the number of times that you have to apply for benefits before you get approved, you need to hire one of the experienced disability lawyers in Missouri to represent you. You could be approved faster than if you were to represent yourself in the case.

Filing an Appeal

If your first petition has been denied, you have the right to file an appeal. In fact, your lawyer can file that appeal the same day that you receive your denial notice from the court.

The new appeal can include new or updated proof of your disability. Your lawyer can present new statements from doctors that show that you cannot work and earn an income for yourself or your family because of your health or injury.

Your attorney can keep filing appeals until you are approved for benefits. The process may take only a few short years or months. You can find out more about hiring disability lawyers in Missouri for your case online. To set up a consultation, contact the Grundy Disability Group today.