Avoid Septic Tragedies with Septic Maintenance Services in Roswell, Georgia

Septic Tanks

The septic system is simply a miniature sewage treatment plant. The tank is used to collect the waste and slowly separate it into solid waste (biomass), effluent (liquid waste), and scum. The scum is just that foamy layer of crud that accumulates on the top of the effluent. It serves no purpose in the system.

The effluent is allowed to fill the tank until it reaches the leach line output pipe. At this point, the wastewater is slowly spread around the lawn and percolated back into the soil. This allows the water to filter away any waste before returning to the local water table. Finally, there is the solid waste that is settling towards the bottom of the tank. If the waste isn’t handled properly, the owner may be calling for septic maintenance services in Roswell, Georgia more often than they expect.

To keep the tank from filling too quickly, there are enzymes and bacteria in there that consume huge portions of the proteins left in the biomass. This allows any sludge to settle to the bottom and more solid waste to be processed. Unfortunately, this means more frequent septic maintenance services in Roswell, Georgia so the tank doesn’t overflow. Signs of this problem include any liquid build up around the tank or along the path of any leach lines or slow running drains inside the building.

Properly cleaning a tank may require leaving a bit of waste behind so the enzymes will reproduce. This is required to get the bacterial action restarted so that new solid waste can be broken down. An alternative to this step is the introduction of enzymes into the tank. Some experts recommend this step at least once each year just to keep the tank functioning smoothly.

Sometimes it can be difficult to recall the last time the septic system was cleaned. If the property owner doesn’t remember, then it may be time to have the task done. The fee for cleaning is much lower than the costs of major repairs. After all, any damaged materials, including soils, will need to be replaced or the area will smell of sewage for a very long time. Contact Rooter PLUS for more information.