How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Sarasota FL


Patients may have qualifying medical conditions for the use of medical marijuana, but they may not find their general physician or specialist doctor is able or willing to assist them in becoming registered and obtaining medical marijuana card.

A doctor at a medical marijuana clinic in Sarasota FL can provide the support and assistance needed to be listed on the State Registry and to obtain approval for the use of medical marijuana. However, patients will still need to visit their primary care physician or specialist to get the necessary documentation of their medical condition before going to the medical marijuana clinic and doctor.

The Evaluation

The specialized doctors at the medical marijuana clinics are very familiar with Florida’s laws which designate approved conditions of the use of medical marijuana. Even if someone has a card from another state for the use of cannabis for medical purposes, he or she will still need to see a doctor in Florida for an evaluation and to register in Florida. If you have documentation that is not older than three years, you will not need to update the information unless your medical condition has changed.

Schedule an appointment with a doctor at a medical marijuana clinic and bring photo identification, proof of Florida residence and your medical documentation. The doctor at the medical marijuana clinic cannot diagnose the condition, he or she will simply make a recommendation for approval based on the medical records you supply.

During the initial meeting, the doctor will review medical information and talk to you about your treatment history and options. He or she will then make a recommendation for a qualifying condition, if appropriate, and enter the patient’s name into the state registry. The patient will receive a state ID number, which will be the number used on the medical marijuana card.

Then, all that is required is to complete the application, provide proof of identification and residency, and submit the fee to the state for the medical marijuana card in Sarasota FL.

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