Questions to Ask Before Starting a Chimney Relining in Carroll County, MD


The decision to replace the old chimney liner is a smart one for more than one reason. Before any work begins, it pays to choose the right type of product for the Chimney Relining in Carroll County MD. Here are some questions to discuss with the contractor before starting the project.

What are the Main Categories for Liners?

One of the first questions that many homeowners will have is how the products used for Chimney Relining in Carroll County MD, are classed. Typically, they are grouped into three categories. Heavy liners are more durable and thicker than other options, while lighter weight options are thinner and may or may not last as long. A happy medium is known as extra performance light. This one is reinforced and has a longer life than the basic light. In terms of cost, heavy liners are the more expensive, and the basic light liners are the most affordable.

Will the Chimney Need to be Altered Before the Installation?

If there are flaws with the chimney, they must be repaired before any type of liner is installed. This will involve removing the older liner and taking a close look at the chimney walls. The good news is that most flaws can be resolved without a lot of trouble, and the installation of the new liner will not have to wait for very long.

Will the Liner Make the Chimney More Energy Efficient?

The liners on the market today do come with insulation that helps to make the chimney more energy efficient. This means the homeowner can expect a fire in the fireplace will direct more heat back into the room. The insulation, along with the liner, also helps to protect the chimney from damage related to heat, smoke, and soot.

For more information on the types of liners available, contact the team at Magic Mountain Chimney Sweeps today. They can inspect the current chimney closely and determine what needs to be done to remove the old liner and what sort of preparatory work must be done to the chimney. Once the quote is prepared and accepted, the installation can begin immediately.