How to Make Your Botox Treatment Last Longer


Botox treatment in Cardiff, which involves injecting a safe neurotoxin into muscles to keep them from contracting, doesn’t last forever. However, if you keep a few tips and tricks in mind, you will be able to keep your face wrinkle-free for longer.

Go to a Reputable Treatment Center

When it comes to making your Botox results last longer, the most important factor is where you have the procedure done. An experienced practitioner will know exactly how to mix the Botox treatment and be more precise with the injection, ensuring it lasts longer than if you went to a center that over dilutes the product.

Don’t Get Treatment Too Often

If you see lines reappearing sooner than you expected, it might be tempting to head in for another Botox treatment in Cardiff. However, getting the procedure done too frequently actually has the opposite effect. Your muscles will start to resist the treatment if you have it more often than recommended.

Don’t Get Treatment Too Infrequently

With that said, you also shouldn’t get Botox injections too infrequently. In the first year of receiving treatments, you’ll typically need them about every 12 weeks. Over time, your muscles will take to the Botox more easily. As time progresses, you’ll need fewer treatments to keep your face wrinkle-free.

Stay Out of the Sun

After you receive a Botox treatment in Cardiff, you should avoid the sun for at least 24 hours. Sun boosts your blood’s circulation, which will cause the vessels to disperse the Botox too fast. Even after 24 hours, you should limit your time outdoors when you can to avoid new wrinkles. If being outside is unavoidable, use sunscreen and wide-brim hats to limit direct exposure.

Quit Smoking

It’s common knowledge that smoking causes high blood pressure, lung cancer and many other health issues, but it also causes wrinkles. Not only do the toxins in cigarettes affect your skin, but the act of repeatedly pursing your lips to inhale also leads to wrinkles.

Put Away the Face Masks

For the first week after receiving a Botox treatment in Cardiff, don’t use face masks, scrubs or other abrasive cleaners. Just like the sub stimulates circulation, so does rubbing your muscles, resulting in quick disbursement of the Botox.

Botox treatment in Cardiff can help you treat crow’s feet, fine lines around the mouth and wrinkles on the forehead and chin. Speak to your doctor to see if Botox treatment in Cardiff is right for you.

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