Questions And Answers About The Safety Of Pet Boarding Facilities


Many animal owners don’t take vacations or go away on the weekends because they don’t have anyone to care for their pets. It’s often difficult for pet owners to find someone to care for their animals and keep them safe while they’re gone. Animal owners can enjoy their vacation away from home and not worry about the safety of their animals when they take advantage of Pet Boarding. A boarding facility employs compassionate staff members who are trained in animal care. To learn more about boarding facilities and their safety, read the questions and answers below.

Q.) What types of accommodations are available for the animals at a boarding facility?

A.) Boarding facilities offer spacious and safe accommodations for all animals during their stay. Dogs are placed in size appropriate quarters, so even large dogs will have ample room during their stay. Cats are boarded separately from dogs and every cat has their own space while at the facility. Pet owners are always welcome to tour the boarding facility and inspect the accommodations prior to boarding their animals.

Q.) How safe is a boarding facility for animals?

A.) Most boarding facilities require all the animals to have their current vaccinations before they can stay at the facility. This protects the animals from contracting an illness from another animal during their visit. Dogs and cats of all ages must have a current rabies and distemper vaccination. Dogs must also be vaccinated against bordetella, which is also known as kennel cough. Pet owners must show vaccination documentation that’s signed by a licensed veterinarian. Pet Boarding facilities that are located at an animal hospital are the safest types of facilities available. If an animal becomes sick during their stay, a licensed veterinarian is always inside the building to treat the animal. Facilities that offer boarding services for pets take every precaution available to ensure the safety of all animals during their stay.

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