What to Expect at an Animal Hospital in Rockville


When the family pet is suddenly ill, the need to find medical care quickly is a must. One of the best things to do is to transport the pet to the Animal hospital in Rockville. Here is some idea of what to expect upon entering the facility.

Immediate Attention

When the owner brings a pet into the Animal hospital in Rockville, he or she will be greeted and a staff member will collect information about what is happening with the pet. In short order, the animal will be in an examination room where a vet will begin to assess the condition of the pet. In the meantime, a member of the staff will be collecting additional information from the owner and providing reassurance the pet is in good hands.

Providing a Preliminary Diagnosis

Once a vet has examined the pet, he or she will talk with the owner about any tests needed to identify the exact origin. The vet will likely provide a preliminary diagnosis based on the examination while also reminding the owner that the tests will make it possible to determine exactly what is wrong. Outlining Course of TreatmentWith the test results back, the vet will discuss the issue with the owner and present the options for treatment. After going over all the options and what the anticipated outcome is for each one, it is possible to settle on a course of action and begin the treatments immediately.

Around-the-Clock Care

If the pet must be admitted for treatment and observation, the owner can rest assured the animal will be monitored closely. For some procedures, it is common to keep the pet overnight for observation. During that time, an attendant will check on the pet several times during the night. If all goes well and the pet is in good spirits, there is a good chance the owner can take the animal home the following day.

To that end, Holistic Veterinary Healing will provide excellent medical care and make sure owners know what is happening at all times.

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