Why You Should Never Buy Used Mattresses in Lafayette

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When it comes to buying furniture for your home, there are many instances where something pre-owned or used is idea. Antique furniture and refurbished living room accessories, for example, can add an element of class and sophistication to any home. However, there is one area where a consumer should never purchase a used product, and that is in the bedroom. While a used bedframe or dresser won’t ruin the look or feel of your bedroom, purchasing a used mattress is never a good idea. Here are just a few reasons why you should never buy used mattresses in Lafayette.


There are no federal requirements for selling a used mattress, meaning that there are no guarantees to the consumer about the state of the mattress itself. You likely spend a lot of time on your mattress, resting, relaxing, or sleeping, and wouldn’t want to risk spending any length of time on a mattress that is anything less than pristine. Germs, bacteria, and a whole host of parasites can live, and even thrive, on mattresses, without easy detection by the naked eye, making a new mattress your best bet for guaranteed cleanliness.


The longer a mattress is used, the less comfortable it will be. While there are certainly exceptions to that general rule, in the majority of cases (especially when dealing with spring coil mattresses), it tends to be true. Comfort is an incredibly important quality in a mattress, given the amount of time you will spend there, and how important a good night’s sleep is to your overall health and productivity. In order to assure yourself that you have purchased a mattress that is, and will remain, comfortable, buying new is key.


There are always improvements and advances being made in just about every field; mattresses and sleep technology are no different. In order to be sure that you have purchased the highest quality mattress, with the most advanced sleep technology possible, it’s a good idea to buy new.

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