Protection under the Kansas Lemon Law

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You may be eligible for protection under the Kansas Lemon Law if you have purchased a vehicle and have made a good faith effort to cooperate with the dealer to have repairs made and the problem still exists you may be entitled to compensation. One of the biggest issues consumers have with taking advantage of these consumer protection laws is that they do not have the proper guidance. The laws can be confusing and a little difficult to navigate.

What You Need To Know

If you were to make a purchase under contract and you kept up your end of the contract but the seller did not because the product was irreparably defective than your rights may be protected under the Kansas Lemon Laws but you do have some responsibility under the law you can help yourself ensure your rights are protected by:

  • Keeping very good records

  • Have a witnessed with you when you make contact with the dealer or obligated party

  • Get legal help

Whenever you are having any issues with a purchase the very first thing you should always do is to keep good records. Even a handwritten journal that logs in the times and dates of phone calls can be used in a court if the matter has to go to court. Having “proof” that you did due diligence in trying to resolve the matter can greatly be in your favor.

If you can ask for someone to come with you or listen in to the phone calls, so that there is someone else that can testify to your due diligence. When you are starting to struggle with the matter call a lawyer!

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