A Brief On The Texas Lemon Law


Texas, like every other state has its own version of the lemon law which in turn is based on the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, an act designed to protect consumers that purchased a product that proved to be faulty to the point where it is unusable. The Texas Lemon law focus on those consumers that purchased a car that chronically malfunctions.

The law in Texas is similar to the law in other states, it simply says that if you bought a new car and it has problems that can’t be fixed and they are covered under the warranty that you are entitled to either your money back or a new car. The Texas Lemon Law is a bit trickier than most, if you buy a new car make sure you keep everything that can support problems you encountered after you bought it.

What is a Lemon in Texas?

The standards that indicate that a car is a lemon include:

*    The number of attempts to repair the same defect

*    Has the vehicle been out of service for a period of time, and

*    Whether or not the defect poses a serious safety hazard

Texas has certain rules that must be followed, they are:

The four times test:

Four attempts to fix the problem in a space of two years
2 attempts in the first year, and

Two further attempts after the second failed during the next 12 months

The thirty day test:

Out of service for 30 days cumulative in the first two years and there were two attempts at repairing the defect and the dealer failed to provide a loner while your car was unavailable.

The serious hazard test:

If the defect is life threatening and impedes your ability to control the car it is considered a serious safety hazard, to qualify you:

*    Must have had the car in for service once in the first year and once again in the second year and the problem still exists.

As you can see the Texas Lemon Law is quite complex, if you believe you have a lemon it may be a good idea to engage the services of an attorney.

If you live in Texas and your car meets the criteria laid down in the Texas Lemon Law you are well advised to engage the services of a skilled lemon law attorney. Visit us to locate attorneys in your area. Like us on facebook.