Protect Your Yard on Sultry Summer Days

Pest Control Service

Warm weather means barbecues, block parties …. and bugs. As much fun as it is to rest and relax with friends and family, nothing ruins a beautiful day like an infestation of warm weather critters in your backyard. At Viking, we want you to truly enjoy your summer, and encourage you to invest in products such as Yard Guard Insect Spray to ensure that your home or business is free from pesky pests. In the meantime, consider the following tips and tricks to protect your yard during the warm weather months:

Check for Standing Water

A haven for pests, still and stagnant water are the ideal environment for bugs to breed and multiply. Conduct a thorough investigation of your yard to make sure that there is no standing water for insects to inhabit. From pool covers to uneven grass surfaces, preventative measures to remove puddles and other potential collection points will play a critical role in maintaining the integrity of your pest-free property.

Remove Attractants

With voracious and insatiable appetites, bugs can sniff out their next meal before you’ve even put it on the grill. Whether you are hosting a dinner for two or throwing a party for the entire neighborhood, make every effort to properly serve and store food away from prying pest eyes. As an added measure, keep a towel on hand for those hot summer nights – a pheromone delight, sweat is one of the brightest beacons in a bug’s short life.

Clear Away Trash and Debris

Like picnics and barbecues, trash and debris are the ultimate score for pests. Whether they are looking for a second dinner or materials to build a nest, your discarded refuse is a harbinger of an insect invasion. Maintain a clean and clear yard, and pay particular attention to culverts and garages where bugs and vermin are likely to set up shop.

At Viking Pest Control, we believe that high-quality and cost-effective pest control isn’t a privilege: it’s a right. Contact us at your convenience to discuss our extensive range of residential and commercial pest control solutions (we even offer organic!). Remember, all estimates are FREE!