Treatment Options for the Entire Household

Home Care

Mental illness is rarely a problem that afflicts a single person in a household. When someone in the home suffers from depression, anxiety, or suicidal tendencies, their illness also has an uncanny way of affecting the people who are closest to them.

Rather than suffer in silence as a family, your entire household could benefit by undergoing treatment together to heal from the emotional and mental challenges. By seeking help from a family therapist, Burnsville families like yours could be put on the path toward healing and recovery.

When you first meet with a family therapist, Burnsville clients like you may go into the session on an individual basis. That is to say, the therapist will meet individually with each of you separately before meeting with all of you convened together as a single family. These individual meetings give the therapist time to get to know each of you as a person before treating you as part of a family unit.

The family sessions also will be somewhat refereed in that you nor anyone else in the family will be allowed to levy hurtful accusations and insults at each other. The purpose of meeting with the therapist is to learn how to take accountability for your actions and not blaming others for whatever is troubling you.

The family may also learn together how to support the person or people afflicted with mental illness in the household. It can be easy to blame yourself for the person’s mental health condition or think that someone else in the home is to blame.

However, your therapist will help you all work toward accepting the person and his or her mental illness for what it is and that none of you is directly to blame for it. You may finally experience healing as a family unit.