Let Path 2 Potential Help Your Child


Path 2 Potential provides in-home therapeutic services for children with autism in the New York City area, which includes Manhattan, Westchester, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

What is autism?
Autism, more formally known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, describes a group of disorders affecting the development of the brain. People with the condition typically display difficulties with social interaction, communication, and repetitive disorders. The “spectrum” part of the name refers to the large range in the condition’s severity. Some people with autism can live independently, and some cannot. Some also have intellectual disabilities, while some are gifted.

What does autism therapy in Queens NY involve?
Path 2 Potential’s therapies are heavily based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which itself is based on research of how people learn. Behavior analysts have been working with autistic children since the 1960s.

The different therapies are described as “early intervention,” “intensive”, or “comprehensive.” “Early intervention” programs are for children under four; autism can now often be diagnosed when a child is two or three years old. Many experts believe that the sooner a child with autism starts treatment, the better the outcome. An “intensive” program covers 25 to 40 hours every week from one to three years. A child going to a “comprehensive” program would be drilled in a variety of skills that would include communication, self-care, social behavior, and school behavior.

Since there are different types of autism and the condition ranges in severity, the therapist will have to customize treatment to suit the child’s needs. About a quarter of people with autism, for example, are non-verbal so the therapist would need to establish a system of communication with them.

The therapist would also work with the child’s parents or caregivers so they could help the child learn and practice their skills when the therapist isn’t around.