Practical Ways To Save Money On Funerals In Fairfield, CA


For many people, a funeral is one of the largest expenses they’ll encounter, but it’s one they make with an eye on emotional factors, rather than practical matters. While most people would never think twice about comparing prices of a new car or a boat, these same people would typically never compare prices of a casket. Furthermore, most people compare prices of a cruise or a airline ticket, yet they never think to check around on funeral arrangement costs. Funerals in Fairfield, CA, like any other consumer transaction, should be researched and compared.

By law, caskets can be compared and purchased from any source and then used at the funeral home of choice. While of course, you can choose to purchase them from the funeral home, too, if saving money and making a practical, economical decision is important, you may want to shop around. Moreover, if you’re shopping around for your own funeral arrangements as a pre-need situation, you may want to look into Internet options. With discount stores now stepping into the market, a casket can be delivered in as little as 48 hours and priced between $800 and $3,000. This is a big discount between those sold by funeral homes often priced as high as $8,000.

Another final resting place, urns are an item which can be shopped around for and priced to buy. Like caskets, they can be purchased from the funeral home or from other retail outlets. Online stores and discount mega-stores now offer these decorative items to hold one’s ashes in, for eternity or for temporary housing. Some people choose to bury the ashes while others choose to keep them for longevity.

The small detail items can often add up to big bucks for funeral homes, but can be bought for a fraction of the cost by the family or individual planning the funerals in Fairfield CA. These items are often added on to the funeral totals as a convenience to the family, but charged large mark-ups over the retail prices. By simply looking at retail stores, a family can save significantly on the costs, sacrificing nothing on the quality.