Options for Home Care in Potomac

Home Health Care Service

The elderly population is growing disproportionately to the growth of people in the sixteen to sixty-four year old age group. According to the United States Bureau of the Census, by the year 2050, the sixty-five plus age group will increase by 135.4% and the eighty-five plus group by 349.8%. The younger group will only increase by 32.9%. That will have a definite impact on options for home care in Potomac.


Staffing for skilled nursing care and direct care is experiencing shortages already in hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Overcrowding is also starting to be a problem with elderly people on waiting lists for residential settings. Many home care agencies, such as Specialty Care Services, also provide facility staffing to help meet the needs.

Those waiting for placement or wish to remain in their own homes have many options available for Home Care in Potomac. The levels of care can include skilled nursing care, personal care services, caregiver support services, hospice services, and respite care. A Director of Nursing (DON) will typically meet with clients and create a treatment plan customized to meet unique needs.


The current health condition of the client is the main factor in determining the level of care required. Personal support services are designed to assist people with daily living activities such as bathing and dressing. People who are more independent may only need caregiver support for help accessing the community, getting to and from appointments, and providing medication reminders.

Preferences are also a factor. People may only want someone to provide care in the home three days a week. Others may feel safer having someone coming every day for Home Care in Potomac. In some cases, family members can provide direct care and only rely on home care for respite.

The other factor is cost. Coverage under most insurance companies is limited, so agencies work with the client and family to devise a solution that is effective and within budget. The challenges of home care service will require innovative programs and options from experienced agencies. Select an experienced agency for services to get the most care at affordable pricing.